UBL MONDAYS, Round 11, upsets, big time D, good stops!

Andy King Monday Mens

Mondays at UBL rolls on with ballers soaking up the heat and soaking in sweat, the hustle plays draining energy but creating great moments in this round.

Crying Jordans took on BD Ballers as Cam B and crew push their limits on both ends to try get that elusive W, but the bigs and chemistry of Crying Jordans won the day for them, Cam got 23 to lead the team, and Jack got 13 for CJs and Eaomon ripping post moves with 10

Average Joes taking down Nicks Ballers, in a close one, only 3 points in it, Nicks Ballers were trailing all game…Lachy CR getting late buckets to bridge the gap, total of 26 all up, monster all round moves, Tom got 24 in a blinder of a game hitting 3s, 2s and eating glass. The rare big man these days getting stats!

Rilla Raptors getting some help to a W as Corey M got 15 points, Dan M hitting some help out 3s to put down the Slam Danks despite Brady Ps 15 also, the Raptors keep on the higher ladder and fending off teams to keep their spot, can any1 knock them off?

Mighty Ballerz and Slam Drunks faced off in a big matchup of div1 descendants and former champions, Stretch did his thing from the mid range and slashing for some buckets for 14 points, Mitch N got busy on his driving and fadeaway game to get 8 in the low scoring affair..

The Dynasty and Cubs, who could get the upper hand?? With so much defense being played, the field goal percentage was average, but Dan C managed more than half his teams points with 15 and Nathan C 10, Jack N on 7 in the loss for the Slam Drunks.

808 fastbreaks getting their game on against the Flaming anteaters in their new threads, only 3 points in this one, it went the way of the 808 crew who keep the high rank on the ladder, Captain Hayden gets 13 points and Bryce G scooping some amazing shots with 10 .Josh a chip in 8!

Ken and Friends stepped up their game with young phenom BJ taco, eating up the D with right place right time tactics, 18 points, trailed by the long bombs of Trent for 16. Dunkings tried to get advantage but couldn’t match the speed and hustle, Clint C on 12 in the loss.

Pootitang and Bricks r Us got started from the tip, and it was offensive moves all the way, Pootitang putting in numbers hoping for the win this round, and it happened, convincingly, Jackson N a huge game amost getting half his teams points with 20, showing the all round game hes been working on! Creed led his team to victory with 17 for Pootitang

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Division 1

crying jordans
jack 13 eamon 10
BD Ballers
cam b 23
Average Joes
tom 24
nicks ballers
lachr cr 26
Rilla Raptors
corey m 15
Slam Danks
brady p 15

Division 2

Mighty Ballerz
strech 14
Slam Drunks
mitch n 8
The Dynasty
dan c 15
The Cubs
nathan c 10 jack n 7
808 & Fast Breaks
hayden v 13
Flaming Anteaters
bryce g 10 josh b 9
Ken & Friends
bj taco 18 points trent 16
clint c 12
creed w 17
jackson n 20